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Youth in Action in Africa

Swari Primary School

See you people like you are working in Africa:

Caroline Sunte was inspired to capitalize on her entrepreneurial potential after attending LEI in 2010. “I have been successfully running a small-scale orange farm since I’ve returned from the LEI. Like most new entrepreneurs, I experienced trouble when I initially started my business. We had to buy seedlings and learn how to grow the fruit properly. However, with time and problem solving, I was able to do better and make a profitable business. Still, I was unsatisfied. I searched for a way to make an impact on my community, not just my family. I was lucky to find people who thought like me, people who had also gone through the Leadership and Entrepreneuship Incubator. Together, we created the Angaza Foundation, a group that provides entrepreneurial training, leadership, test-taking assistance, motivational lectures, health education, financial literacy, team building, and charity.” 

See the great leaps students in Africa are taking:

Josephine is a new student in the scholarship program. Soft spoken, humble and hardworking, Josephine is the youngest in her family of three children. Her parents are peasant farmers and do not have a stable source of income to support Josephine and her two siblings, both of whom are also in school.Josephine likes to play volleyball and netball. Her best subject is Kiswahili, and she wants to be a nurse when she grows up. Josephine is happy to be joining the Asante Africa Foundation family as a new scholar and is excited to attend her new school. As a new scholar, Josephine and her family will not have to worry about school exam fees, uniform, shoes, school supplies and boarding expenses. Josephine can focus on her school work and attaining her future goals. Learn more about the student scholarship program and help students like Josephine and her family transform their lives.

Despite being an exemplary student, William withdrew from school after his both his parents died. He knew that his uncle would not be able to afford educating him and his four brothers, so William left his education and began working so that one of his brothers would have the opportunity to learn.

William is now the recipient of a student scholarship furnished by Asante Africa Foundation. It will provide a uniform, materials, food, boarding, and personal items that will aid him in his education. William, a true example of resilience, is hoping to create opportunity and reduce suffering for others because someone reached out and helped him when he was in need. Read the full interview at http://asanteafrica.wordpress.com/2012/11/22/william-one-students-attitude-of-gratitude/