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Asante Africa is a non-profit organization who works with communities in Kenya and Tanzania to create a brighter future for their children.  What began as three women with a big idea of helping a village have a school and helping little girls go to school has now grown into 30,000 students getting a chance at going to school.

We focus on these areas, which we believe have the greatest impact:

We create safe & healthy learning spaces – Basic essentials such as water, desks, paper and pens are scarce in Africa. What we take for granted, these countries don’t have. We bring classrooms, desks, water and toilets where there were none, so kids have safe places to learn.  Learn more



We assist teachers in the classroom – Many teachers are fresh out of high school and lack the education or tools they need to be better teachers. We provide teachers with training and classroom materials to help them be the best teacher they can be. Learn more


We assist young people to become strong leaders and entrepreneurs – Every young person has big dreams and needs the tools and training to be leaders – not just in school, but in life. We provide African youth with the knowledge and skills they need to be not just good, but great leaders among themselves and their communities. Learn More



power of me scholarshipWe provide scholarships – In six years, Asante Africa Foundation has provided hundreds of children with scholarships to cover school fees and supplies, without which they would not have been able to continue their schooling.Learn more