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TEACHERSbannerHow Can Teachers And Parents Help?

We know that ideas are only as good as the effort and support behind them. Parents, instill a sense of social responsibility in kids by supporting their efforts to help others. Take time to learn about life in Africa, discuss ways to make a difference, and allow your child to express his creative and leadership potential by spearheading a project.
Teachers, help your class learn about the world, then help them change it! You’ll find inspirational classroom resources and exciting ideas to learn about life in Africa and global citizenship. You can also keep up to date with our news and find out how your school can raise funds to make a big difference to a school in Africa.
Teach kids about the importance of global education. Empower them to make a difference. Build a better world- through the power of education, through the power of knowledge.




cat_track-512SCHOOL ASSEMBLY

1365626131Bring an African drumming and dance cultural assembly to your child’s school! Cheza Nami, one of our partner organizations, and its cultural enrichment assembly can enhance your educational curriculum. Contact us for more information.


book_stack-512LESSON PLANS & activities