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Second Graders Unite For Uniforms !!

Date: November 5, 2012 Author: asanteadmin Categories: Youth In Action In North America

February 2012


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It may have been 8:15am on a chilly November morning, but warm hearts and keen spirits were in abundance at Grattan Elementary School located in San Francisco, CA.

Equipped with water bottles and hand made pep bracelets, 62 second grade students, three teachers and nine parents began their day with a walkathon around the block to raise school uniform money for children in Kenya.

In Kenya, uniforms are integral and required to go to school. At $30, a uniform is unaffordable for many families and can be what stands between a child and their opportunity to start or return to school. This obstacle ignited the inspiration behind the walkathon at Grattan Elementary School and it soon became apparent that these young people had enormous determination to raise as much money as they could!

As each student completed a lap, they were given a mark on their arms. By the end of the walkathon, students were proudly showing off fully covered arms! Some students even ran out of space on their arms and had marks on their foreheads! The laps were finally tallied; students had walked an average of 3 to 4 miles!

The end of the event saw many tired feet, but also many beaming smiles. Many students expressed that they ‘felt good’ about being able to help another child go to school.

To recognize their amazing dedication and thank them for their generous efforts, each student received a friendship bracelet, made by the mothers of the children who will now be able to go to school. It was a meaningful gift for the students at Grattan.

Asante Sana to every student, parent and teacher who helped make this event such a success! Grattan Elementary raised a total of $2,839! That’s 94 uniforms and the first step towards unlocking access to quality education for children in need!

CLICK HERE to find out how you and your school can help too.