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Make a difference on MLK Day of Service

Date: January 20, 2014 Author: Ivana Falla Categories: YIA Blog, Youth In Action In North America

Today is all about honoring Dr. King’s legacy through service. He believed in making the world a better place for everyone and because of that, we would like to highlight two of our awesome volunteers that helped us make a difference at our fundraising event this past November and share their experience.

Jennifer Li and Vincent Chu are part of their school’s Free the Children club. Sharing a similar goal to Asante Africa Foundation in advocating for a child’s education, their group leaders notified them of our need for volunteers and fortunately, they decided to volunteer with us.

They helped out during the live auction, which Vincent found thrilling, seeing one for the first time, as well as setting up the venue early in the morning. Our volunteers were part of the transformation of the venue and it amazed Vincent how it went from a bare room to a bustling and exciting environment.

Participating in community service not only exposes you to new things, but it is also a learning experience. At the event, a model classroom was prepared and it displayed the desks and uniforms students used for guests to view. Jennifer learned how the uniforms are mandatory for students to wear, or else they cannot attend school, and that parents sometimes can’t afford to buy their children these uniforms. She enjoyed seeing guests ask about how and what they could do to help and it gave her a sense of hope that there are selfless people with a good heart in the world.

When asked why they volunteer, they said their service gives hope to those that need it, it is self-rewarding, and you get a chance to meet new people from different backgrounds in the process. We couldn’t agree more with them.

Let today’s holiday and Jennifer and Vincent’s story inspire you to empower yourself, others, and your community to take action and do a service project. Martin Luther King Day of Service strengthens communities by building bridges and creating solutions to social problems.

Jennifer, Vincent, and all of our other volunteers at our fall event made a positive impact on the global community and we can’t thank them enough for it.

Take that first step and e-mail us at yia@asanteafrica.org to learn how you can change the lives of children in East Africa. Contact us to donate, share your ideas, organize a fundraiser, or learn more about our organization.

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