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Who is Asante Africa Foundation?

Asante Africa began as the dream of three women who wanted to help an African village build a school. Today, this California-based non-profit organization has created a force so strong that 30,000 students have gotten the chance to go to school with its efforts. Whether that means providing basic help, helping girls find their voices, supporting teachers with materials and training, or pushing students forward with scholarships and leadership training, Asante Africa is hard at work to change lives through education in East Africa.

What is Youth In Action?

It has been our guiding principle to believe in the power of knowledge to help young people create a future where they can live their dreams and improve life for themselves, their families, and their communities. Youth in Action is a special part of that mission because its focus is on young people making a difference for young people. We are so proud of the great work our young volunteers, fundraisers, and friends have done to better the lives of their friends across the globe.


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“Some people will say that these children are a drop in the ocean.  Students educated at my school are a very powerful, concentrated drop that will spread across this country of Tanzania, becoming the change we need.”

Madam Yohana Mcha
Founder, Orkolili Secondary School