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Grattan Elementary Does It Again!

Date: May 3, 2015 Author: asanteadmin Categories: YIA Blog, Youth In Action In North America


On the morning of Friday, April 17th at Grattan Elementary School in San Francisco, the air was buzzing with excitement in anticipation for their annual Fun Run. The Fun Run Committee, largely composed of parents, were already busy setting up refreshments and decorations in the yard while students squirmed inside their classrooms waiting for the run to begin. Upbeat music played from the corner of the yard by a parent DJ. The spirited atmosphere was infectious.

Asante Africa Foundation was present at the event to show support towards their longstanding partnership with Grattan Elementary. Not only did the Fun Run benefit Grattan but it also aimed to raise global awareness in education. Once all students arrived to the yard, Asante’s Youth in Action Coordinator, Stephanie Paguio, expressed her amazement in the students’ involvement to help children outside of their own lives. Soon after that, rules were announced and quick stretches were led. And then, students were off!


Students ran around the school, being tallied on their arm after every lap. Faculty and volunteers stood along the sides, cheering and ringing bells. A machine spit bubbles. A parent shot out marshmallows as students passed by. Parents sprayed water to refresh student faces. What an amazing time!

After the run, students were led back to the yard for their much-deserved refreshments. Students showed each other their arms, already counting the number of tallies they could later boast to their sponsors. The event ran seamlessly. A successful event it was!

Grattan parent, Jeny Wegbrei, shared, “The Grattan Fun Run was a fantastic event. The kids were so excited that their efforts not only benefited their school, but also schools in Tanzania and Kenya. It helped them to understand how different schools are around the world and that they can make a difference in the lives of other children.”

Amy Clark, the PTA organizer extraordinaire, stated, “As a parent, I am truly thankful for the education and awareness of other communities’ needs our children are receiving from their conscientious teachers at Grattan Elementary.”


Sue Ellen, the inspiring teacher who helped foster Grattan’s partnership with Asante Africa, said, “We have a rocking PTA and our Fun Run Committee is dedicated to sponsoring a health event for our community with a focus on global awareness in education. We appreciate Asante’s partnership with our school in the work they do in Kenya and Tanzania.”

Through the efforts and support of Grattan’s school community, the Fun Run successfully raised a whopping $5,000 for Asante! Their donations will support Suswa Primary School in Kenya with student desks, textbooks, bookshelves and teacher desks.

Asante Africa expresses their deep admiration and gratitude to Grattan Elementary School’s community of teachers, faculty, students and parents for their amazing contributions.