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Do Something Extra Special this Holiday Season

Date: December 18, 2013 Author: Ivana Falla Categories: YIA Blog, Youth In Action In North America

In the US, a primary and secondary education is easily available to everyone. In other parts of the world like Kenya and Tanzania, children do not have that same opportunity.

Having a quality education is important because it can greatly change someone’s life. It leads to better health, less violence, and higher wages. It also gives children the opportunity to dream and provides them with tools to realize those dreams, whether they want to be a doctor, engineer, teacher, or artist.

This past August, we completed Alton Maasai Primary School in Kenya. As a single classroom, led by one teacher, Alton Maasai has seen an increase in attendance since its construction. The school’s completion has given about 130 students access to a safe space/environment where they can learn. However, Alton Maasai, and other schools like it, are far from complete. Teachers and students need reading and writing tools, textbooks, uniforms, shoes, school lunches, desks, and other learning materials that we may take for granted.

Honor the true spirit and meaning of the holidays and bring joy, happiness and hope to students in Kenya and Tanzania by lighting their journey to an education. Ask your parents or other family members and friends to donate a gift to Asante Africa Foundation in your honor. A simple gift of $30 can provide a student with a school uniform and shoes.

Click here to get more information about our gifts.

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