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Celebrating International Women’s Day 2014

Date: March 8, 2014 Author: Ivana Falla Categories: YIA Blog, Youth In Action In Africa, Youth In Action In North America

International Women’s Day is motivated by a common goal: to make the voices of women heard and to help follow their dreams and change their lives.

While various African governments have laws on the equality between men and women, some parts of these laws and other traditions still discriminate against women. For example, some laws require women to have permission from their husbands to work, sign legal documents, and receive public services. Women are also paid less than men.

But to fight these obstacles, International Women’s Day celebrates women and their achievements all over the world! Asante Africa Foundation furthers the success of women and girls in East Africa by supporting girls’ educations and providing trainings to empower them around health, finances and to become leaders in their communities.

Asante Africa Foundation is unique in reaching girl-focused life and leadership skills that can be used outside of the classroom so girls leave our programs feeling confident and knowledgeable to make better decisions for themselves and they also “pay it forward” by sharing what they have learned with their mothers, sisters, and the rest of their community.

One of our programs includes the The Wezesha Vijana Initiative.  It focuses on keeping girls in school by providing sanitation needs (i.e., toilets with running water and hand washing stations) and sessions on topics such as health and hygiene. The yearlong pilot resulted in changed perspectives for over 250 girls who participated. Five of the six participating schools are now creating girls’ leadership training workshops to continue to cultivate hope and support between girls.

There is no doubt that having educated and empowered girls and women can and does benefit everyone.

Learn more about our girls’ initiative here.

Contact us at yia@asanteafrica.org to learn more about organizing a fundraiser to sponsor a girl’s education.

“No matter where you are from, your dreams are valid”                                                                                   -2014 Oscar Winner Lupita Nyong’o


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